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Partners on HB 1349 and HB 1074
(above: Legislators who sponsored and partners who advocated for HB 1349 and HB 1074)

Based on our network’s needs and the collective expertise in the state, we advocate for policy change by rallying supporters, energizing coalitions, sharing information and arranging expert testimony to enable widespread change.

In the 2014 Legislative Session we initiated and passed two important bills enabling other nonprofit owned buildings to benefit substantially.

1. HB14-1349: This bill enables only buildings used for charitable purposes already qualified for Colorado State real property tax exemption to:

  • Maintain their real property tax exemption while pursuing federal tax credits that range from historic, low income housing, new market, energy, etc. and not have to sacrifice one or the other
  • Obtain a source of funds, federal tax credits, for maintenance and renovation of their buildings, just as for-profits can
  • Support their viability and provide financial incentives to maintain and preserve their buildings and fulfill their public benefit missions over the long-term
  • Bring Colorado in line with over 30 states that have similar legislation

2. HB 14-1074: This bill revises title 39 of the state statutes by changing the language pertaining to the exclusion of depreciation and the costs of capital improvements in the calculation of the allowable rents a nonprofit building may charge other nonprofits and adding a reasonable provision for refurbishments and/or the savings from energy and water efficiency and other similar measures.

We are actively involved in policy work groups to remain informed about everything that is occurring.  Look to us for updates on legislation that impacts sustainability and who the major players are.

Information from the 2014 Legislative Session

Keep your finger on the pulse by following the Twitter conversation at #COleg.

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