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The DC Project

dc Project team
The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado Direct Current Project (DC Project) will:

• Pilot the commercialization of direct current by converting the Alliance Center’s alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

• Use zero-emission onsite renewable energy, like rooftop solar, to feed as much of the building energy load as possible via DC.

• Create a microgrid with battery storage capable of using our solar panels and up to three additional energy inputs (wind, etc.)

• Stay connected to the AC grid, to power equipment that is not DC compatible (elevators, emergency lights, refrigerators) and to top-up battery storage.

• Demonstrate the benefits and efficiencies of DC in retrofitting existing commercial buildings.


This will be the region’s first AC to DC conversion of a commercial building.
It will propel a paradigm shift in how we power commercial buildings, major sources of CO2 emissions.



Click here to read our project white paper.


The Alliance Center is:
alliance center
• A six-story, 40,000 square foot office building that represents a large segment of the U.S. commercial building inventory (95 percent of commercial buildings are under 50,000 square feet)

• A unique multi-tenant office and coworking space with 45+ sustainability-focused organizations and businesses, working & collaborating under one roof

• A historic building constructed in 1908, upgraded with energy efficient technologies and tools including lighting, motions sensors, increased insulation & electrical metering by floor

• An already highly efficient space with an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) rating of 37, compared to an average EUI of 89 for comparable office buildings

• A highly valuable demonstration project, well suited to be replicable and scalable. The dcProject will establish the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado as an innovator in the building energy space.