The Alliance

We infuse collaboration from all sectors into everything we do.  We engage nonprofit, business, government and education leaders in collaboration to overcome complex sustainability challenges with 360-degree solutions.  The Alliance acts as a hub to guide collaboration, facilitate change, and improve decision-making in order to move the state of Colorado toward a truly sustainable future.

Click on a region below to see how we’re working there, who our local partners are and what initiatives have come out from our collaboratives and meetings.

colorado counties

To see a full map of all of our network partners, visit here.

With the help of our network partners, we fulfill and advocacy role in the Colorado State Capitol to represent the voices from across the state.  We advocate for policies that will progress sustainability in our state.  To see what policies we advocated for that were passed during this last Legislative Session and how we work in the political environment, visit our public policy advocacy page here.

Every year, we hold our Statewide Roundtable, inviting all of our collaborative partners throughout the state to come together to hear from top leaders in sustainability and participate in focus groups.  Check out what came out of last year’s Statewide Roundtable here.