Since 2007, the Alliance has partnered with Teknion, a manufacturer, and their Colorado dealer Citron Workspaces. Together they have provided the Alliance Center with smart design and seamless installation of desks, chairs, privacy panels and conference tables that are impressively sustainable. The fabric in their work stations is made with 100% poly-lactic-acid, derived from corn rather than petroleum. They use FSC certified wood and the coating and adhesives in their furniture is Greenguard Certified. Citron Workspaces designed and installed flexible systems that improved the productivity and impact of the Alliance staff. Teknion and Citron have been consistent supporters and sponsors of the Alliance.

Additional information:

  • GLOBE Award for Environmental Excellence
  • Ontario Waste Minimization Gold and Platinum Awards
  • Sustainable Leadership Award
  • University of Ottawa Sustainability Recognition Award
  • Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Pollution Prevention Award
  • Evergreen Award for Environmental Stewardship from GSA

“Teknion and Citron Workspaces were wonderful companies to work with. They took the time to get to know us and made sure to meet our needs and their products have been durable and reliable. We went back to them for more furniture when we reconfigured offices.”
– Joanne Keys, Executive Director, Alliance

The following educational sign hangs in the Alliance Center to showcase the partnership and Teknion/Citron products:
Facts about Teknion