Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado represents the next chapter in protecting Colorado’s environment.  Forged from the history and accomplishments of the Colorado Environmental Coalition and Colorado Conservation Voters – Conservation Colorado is a grassroots statewide organization working to protect Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.

They have a long and successful history in Colorado of collaborating on the key environmental issues of the day, working collectively at the State Capitol, and establishing strategic partnerships to find success on a variety of levels, including:

  • Ensuring that more than three million acres of wilderness will stay forever wild.
  • Setting a statewide renewable energy standard, then increasing it to 30% and making it one of the strongest in the nation.
  • Working to minimize impacts from oil and gas drilling by updating public health, drinking water and wildlife protections in 2008 and continuing to push for further reforms.
  • Passing more than 130 different conservation bills at the state legislature in the past six years on a host of environmental issues ranging from water efficiency to air quality to energy efficiency to transit.
  • Electing pro-conservation candidates and holding our elected officials accountable in the State Legislature, Governors Office, and local government Council’s and Commissions.