Uranium Clean-Up at Schwartzwalder Mine

Jackie Ganfield : Friday October 14, 3:32PM

Cotter Corporation agreed to comply with state orders this Wednesday. Cotter Corporation will remove uranium contaminated water from their previous Schwartzwalder site (west of Denver). There are plans to have a creek diversion pipe installed and functioning by January 31st, 2012.

Relative background information about the Schwartzwalder mine:

The Schwartzwalder mine was the nation’s largest underground uranium mine in 1965. ”Cotter workers produced about 17 million pounds of uranium for nuclear weapons and power plants. Then in 2000, as uranium prices plunged, Cotter closed the mine. Seven years later, a state mining inspector reported that uranium-contaminated water far exceeding state health standards was rising toward the rim of the mine shaft.”

Read more information about the Schwartzwalder mine in the Denver Post article here.

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One Response to Uranium Clean-Up at Schwartzwalder Mine

  1. Elizabeth Mason says:

    Sounds like Colorado is very active state when it comes to envierrmental concerns. M ore states should be followig their path. Hate to think where Illinois stands on the list.