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Rebecca Cantwell is the editor of Smart Energy Living, an online resource on sustainable living. Visit and sign up for the free e-newsletter.

Visions of Aging with Our Friends in New Communities

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday December 7, 8:51AM

The holidays are a time for gathering the generations, and this season some of my conversations have turned to visions of a new model for strengthening generational ties and more wisely using both human and … More »

Making Solar Easier to Get

Rebecca Cantwell : Tuesday October 9, 8:52AM

Americans like solar energy a lot. A new national poll from Hart Research shows that 92 percent of voters believe it is important for the United States to develop and use more solar energy. And 78 percent of … More »

Time to Talk about Climate Change

Rebecca Cantwell : Tuesday August 21, 8:01AM

The heat this summer has been translucent and shimmering, the kind that makes the very air feel like a blanket. The fires started near my neighborhood in the spring when the late snows didn t come and the … More »

Will the U.S. Be a Buyer or Seller of Renewables?

Rebecca Cantwell : Thursday May 31, 10:46AM

A bunch of the world s top thinkers in renewable energy came to Denver for the World Renewable Energy Forum recently and helped frame some of the choices we face in pretty clear terms. Much of the rest of … More »

Streamlining Solar Permitting in Colorado

Rebecca Cantwell : Monday March 5, 11:06AM

Colorado citizens should soon find it easier to go solar through a new program to streamline permitting for solar energy systems. The Solar Friendly Communities initiative will collaborate with cities and … More »

Dying Aspens Bring Climate Change Home

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday January 13, 10:40AM

Few living things are as emblematic of the Rocky Mountain West as quaking aspen trees. Rustling in delicate green waves, their fluttering leaves herald the freshness of a mountain morning. Ablaze in gold and … More »

Sustainable Practices Breed Innovation

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday November 18, 3:45PM

Do you use a cell phone? A personal computer connected to the Internet? Chances are that you have a hard time picturing life without either device. But how about 20 years ago? Chances are that neither was a … More »

Xcel Sees Fast-changing Energy Future

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday November 4, 4:27PM

Some astonishing tea leaves about the future of energy are swirling around in Xcel Energy s new Colorado electric resource plan. When the last such plan was filed with state regulators in 2007, the state … More »

The 99 Percent of Us Are Getting Our Voice Back

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday October 21, 10:14AM

The Occupy Wall Street movement, just a month old, is quickly giving voice to the vast malaise created by the Great Recession. Among the most encouraging possible outcomes is a sense of empowerment that can … More »

Betting on Big Hits in Energy Efficiency

Rebecca Cantwell : Friday September 30, 8:33AM

Energy efficiency has moved into the big leagues of energy resources and is entering the playoffs as a key competitor to fossil fuels for utilities across the United States. But with the dramatic growth in … More »

Are You as Energy-Savvy as a Six-Year-Old?

Rebecca Cantwell : Thursday August 25, 2:21PM

Hundreds of Gilpin County children have no trouble answering questions about why it might make sense to save energy. Indeed, their fluency on the topic is enough to give adults pause about why there could be … More »