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biking participation

The Alliance Center community is a little different from other building communities.  Our tenants are also our partners, and we collectively commit to the following cultural norms and hope we can influence those outside of our community to do the same.


The Alliance Center is the hub of sustainability in Colorado and the building has been designed to maximize sustainability performance. We practice the following:


  • Biking.
    We use alternative transportation, including biking.  There are locked and secured bike racks in the patio level and outside the Center.  BikeDenver is a tenant and a resource to the community.
  • Union Station.
    The Alliance Center is located in the heart of Denver’s Public Transit System – people regularly bus, light rail or use the free mall ride and metro ride to get to work.
  • CarSharing.
    We have a shared vehicle in our parking lot which carshare members can use hourly or daily. Members also have access to a variety of shared cars in Denver & Boulder, without paying for gas or insurance. eGo CarShare is a tenant in the building and seeks to reduce the impact of vehicles in our community.


  • We turn off monitors when we leave our desks.
  • We power down computers at the end of the day.
  • We installed a Meeting Room Reservation System that activates the lighting and HVAC in particular meeting rooms when they are in-use and turns them off when no occupants are present.

Recycling and Composting

  • Single-stream recycling and compost bins are located throughout the building to minimize waste going into landfills.
  • eRecycle (electronics) recycling events are regularly coordinated based on needs.


  • We are conscious not to let water run in the kitchen or restrooms, and have tools such as aerators and motion sensors to reduce water consumption. One gallon flush toilets, waterless urinals and low flow fixtures are standard.


Our tenants get to know each other by plugging into these events:

  • Vegetarian Co-Op – lunch group every Monday
  • Free Weekly Yoga Class for Tenants
  • Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) and Organic Grocery Program: The Alliance Center is a Delivery Site for Re:Vision’s food share programs. Visit here for more information.
  • Regular happy hours and sustainability related events