Alliance Center building sign

A Space for ALL

The Alliance Center is a space for all.  A multi-tenant center where any individuals and organizations focused on sustainability can dream, work and collaborate for the greater good.  It is a showcase of sustainable construction and a living example of collaboration and sustainability at work.

An address has never said more.

Looking for Office Space for your Organization? The building is still undergoing the renovation process; however, we are looking for tenants to fill it once it’s complete at the end of May.  You can follow its progress visually on this page.

The Alliance Center combines a unique focus on quality mission-enhancing work and shared spaces while creating exceptional value for tenants in Lower Downtown Denver.  The building design incorporates the power of existing brick, adding grace and openness and makes full use of all available natural light.  Private sanctuaries and collaborative communal spaces are located throughout the innovative open floor-space design.

Entry View

This 100 year old building in historic LoDo is strategically located in lower downtown and is steps away from Union Station’s mass transit.  It is the first historic building in the world to earn two LEED certifications.

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado has owned and operated the building for over a decade.  However, we decided to renovate the building to not only replace an aging and inefficient heating and cooling system, but also to redesign the space to incorporate all of these features.  From design to construction and through operations, the Alliance Center provides an ideal working environment that maximizes the principles of sustainability.

Open floor plan work space

Key parts of the reconstruction include:

  • Improving our current Energy Star rating of 85 by cutting electricity use by 20%
  • Installing a heat-island reducing roof service
  • Incorporating wind turbines to generate our energy
  • Increasing natural lighting
  • Improving mechanical systems and controls
  • Using only water-efficient bathroom fixtures

conference room

elevator lobby view






Scheduled for renovation completion in the Spring of 2014, we are looking for additional tenants to fill our space since we will have an increased density opportunity by 40% with the new floor plan design.  Find out how to join us as a tenant partner here!

Check back here for updates and follow us on facebook for more immediate updates.  Additionally, we’re happy to share more details with you – just email [email protected]!